General conditions of publication

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Copyright authorization form

The authors of Recto/Verso are unpaid and their contact details remain confidential.

Authors are responsible for the content of their article, for the exactness of their quotes, for their references and for the legal right to publish the source material. They have the responsability to obtain, if necessary, the written authorization to reproduce documents protected by copyright and must, in all circumstances, return to the Editorial Board the copyright authorization form completed and signed (see attached PDF file). The source of the documents shall be notified in the acknowledgements section or in the notes.

The articles submitted to Recto/Verso for publication have to show original and previously unpublished research. As is customary, authors pledge not to submit their text simultaneously to other reviews.

The Articles remain property of their authors. However, authors sign over to Recto/Verso unnegociable right of reproduction and publishing of their articles, in any language, in any country, and on any existing or future media.

An article published by Recto/Verso can not be reproduced or translated, without the Editorial Board’s authorization. Following publication in Recto/Verso, the author may publish his text in another review if he clearly mentions the initial publication in Recto/Verso  : the first publication reference has to be given (title of the article, name of the author(s), ISSN number, issue number, publishing date ans table of contents). The permission to produce off-prints is subject to the Editorial Board.

Any quotation of the content of the review Recto/Verso, wholly or partly, must be accompanied by its bibliographical references and must be clearly notified (with the name of the review, its issue and its year of publication). Any partial or entire reproduction of the articles for commercial ends is strictly forbidden.

Publication and diffusion

The review publishes two electronic issues a year.

Some abundant themes might give rise to double issues.

An issue is on average 100 pages long.

Please address any comments to Recto/Versoc/o ITEM (Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes), 45 rue d’Ulm, 75011 Paris (tél : +33 1 42 40 70 84 ; 33 1 44 32 32 33 ; Fax : +33 1 44 32 31 77) E-mail :

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